Late that night the boys returned
Watched the carousel spin 'round
Turning old man into young
Bringing darkness to town

Carousel turns and turns
Years can scorch and time can burn
Dark's accomplice, age reversed
Now becomes a boy accursed

Jim and Will stumble in
To this whirling world of sin
Forward spins the carousel
Cooger ages, dies and goes to hell

Mister Dark knows at once
That the boys have seen too much
As they call for the police
He and the witch wait
For their plan to be unleashed

Boys return with the law
Try to tell them what they saw
The witch throws her voice and the old, dead man
Seems to come to life again

The ruse has worked, no one believes the
Tales of what the boys have seen
The witch locks eyes; they fear her most;
She wishes them a "short sad life for both!"