The smoke finally cleared
And I can see the wreckagae of my past that lies about me
It's all become so clear
And I have learned the
Truth behind the lies and seen the lies within the truth
Everythng in context finally makes sense
I see the paths I walked
Some I paved myself
Some where I went gladly
Some against my will I
Can leave behind the fear and doubt
And cast aside the shackles and the chains
Of flawed assumptions I learned as a child
I can't let them distract me
So I'm Putting aside the memories
Of the things I never had but thought I wnated
My notions of what makes relationships have a new light
I have gained an understanding
No more false facades
Covering my feelings
Preventing a connection
I've been spending my whole life pursuoing those who built this cell
Lamenting all the hateful things that happened to me
Never thought to look at how I might have played a part in who I am
Or what it means to lose the game before it starts
Now I know that I cannot turn back and change the past
And that the only choice to save myself
Is changing what I carry from it
Everything I did to myself
Everything that's been done to me
I'll turn my back on that and walk away
And left with only me
At last I see the answer and what I need to be
Letting go
I destroy my shell
Embrace my heart
And free myself
The point of the search, may not be the answer
The value of a want, is not always a need
Still I stand, I'm not going to crawl
Now I know, I've got to believe
Once I was a person without malice
Once my heart bled red instead of black
Openness and introspection now sho me the way
To reclaim all I've lost and take it back
You may have taken everything I ever had
But you cannot take my future
Just release yourself
All I was and
All that I'll ever be
Finally are integrated
And I am whole again
Now I know the reason for the suffering
I'm a better person for having known the pain
A better person having overcome the pain