Far away, trapped in the mirror maze
The whole town calls his name
And Will awakes the spell
The dust witch placed upon his head

Halloway: father and son
Standing as one
As Mister Dark gives them the bullet and
Charles carves into a crescent moon

Mister Dark stares at the bullet
He doesn't yet under stand
The meaning of what Charles has done
So he let's the game proceed

But the moon he carved isn't a moon at all
It's his smile the bullet carries
And this totem finds it's way
To the witch's heart

The gun cracks and the
Witch knows this and now is dead!

Chaos spreads, and Charles and Will
Run to the maze to rescue Jim
Charles walks in
Confronted by reflections of a million ancient men
Staring back and making him older
A lifetime full of regrets
A man who never knew his son
A man whose deeds were never done

Halloway rises from
The hall of shattered mirrors
He picks up his son and runs with him
Across the carnival grounds

Nightshade still upon the carousel
Charles and Will help him down
Another boy appears saying
Mister Dark's gone
And the four of us must give chase

Halloway looks at the strange young boy
He sees him for what he is
Mister Dark made younger again by the
Power of the carousel

Charles picks the boy up
Holds him close and feels his hatred
And with grave determination
Lets his heart fill with love
for his life and his son
And returns the boy's hate with this love and it
courses through
Dark's young body
And he withers and dies

As the carnival tents disappears
The three of them spring
laughing back to town
Two boys and one middle-aged man
No longer quite so old as he thought

Far away but much too close for comfort
Far away but much too close for comfort